Effective Ways to Combat Tonsillitis

Hello, I am Dr Padmajothi, Senior Homeopathic Consultant. Today, we are here to discuss a very common disease, Tonsillitis. Introduction:- Tonsillitis is an infection of your tonsils. Common symptoms include a sore throat in combination with fever, swollen tonsils, difficulty swallowing, and swollen lymph nodes. Tonsillitis treatment depends on the cause of the infection. Although most common in children, tonsillitis can affect people of all ages. Who gets tonsillitis? Tonsillitis is most common in children, but it can affect people of all ages. Tonsillitis rarely occurs in children under the age of three. Tonsillitis is very common. Most people have tonsillitis at least once in their lifetime. What are the common tonsillitis symptoms and what do they feel like? The most common symptom is a very sore throat. You might feel quite tired and weak like you have a bad cold or flu. People with tonsillitis may experience a host of other symptoms which are: Sore or scratchy throat Pain or diff